Natalie Strayer
Principal Owner

I’ve played the weight yo-yo game for decades, and after babies, reconstructive surgery, and a physical injury, I found myself struggling to lose weight. I sat in the “obese” category for 5 years while slowly creeping into “morbidly obese." I tried the fitness challenges, joined clubs, read books, and put my body through every fad diet imaginable—still struggling with my weight. all until one day when I was talking with my nurse friend and she mentioned GLP-1 medication in passing. After hours of research, I made the decision to give the medicine a try. What amazed me in my journey was the lack of support from providers and business owners. It was just a monetary transaction. There were no follow-up calls or human interaction. It was cold and callous. That led me to create a community of people where we could walk this journey together.

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